Welcome to the  website for the City of Burlingame Below Market Rate (BMR) Rental Program. 


Application Process

Obtain a Application ID Number

Go to : myhousekeys.com to create a profile and get an application ID.

If you already have a Burlingame Application ID look for an email we sent you mid August, 2018 to find your user name and temporary password to log in.  After you complete the wizards, you will be able to access the "Program Center" tab to request an Applicant ID. You will need this application ID to apply for specific units.  

If you don't have an Application ID, please  register and fill out your household profile.  After you complete the wizards, you will be able to access the "Program Center" tab to request an Application ID.  You will need this application ID to apply for specific units.

Please continue to use both websites below to locate information and opportunities. Opportunity Drawings are on new site. 

www.housekeys.org (old)

www.myhousekeys.com (new)

Prepare Your Rental Application Submission File/Package and Supporting Documentation

While you wait for an Opportunity Drawing, prepare your BMR Rental Application File/Package. The Application Forms, Exhibits and Document Checklist can be found on the dropdown menu above.  Start organizing a file at home and pre-fill the forms and gather copies of all the supporting documents (use the document checklist).  

You don't need to submit your Application package for review until an Opportunity Drawing comes up AND only if you are selected for review. If you are selected, HouseKeys will communicate with you and give you instructions on how and when to submit you Application package and supporting documents. Keep updating your file at home and stay well organized. When your file is requested, you will have 3 business days or less to submit. Please be prepared. It's important that you check our website frequently so you don't miss any opportunities, instructions or deadlines.  The fees associated with the credit report and background checks will be charged later in the process.

Opportunity Drawings

When a vacancy comes up, it's released via an Opportunity Drawing. We recommend you keep checking this site, the Rental Opportunities Drawings Section on this website and your email for instructions and announcements. You will need an Application ID Number in order to participate. Please make sure to follow the instructions on each Opportunity Drawing Form; a link to the Form will be posted on this website when it becomes available. Application ID holders will not be automatically entered; an Opportunity Drawing Form must be completed by the deadline to be considered. Households are allowed to participate in one (1) Opportunity at a time. The drawing method, the tenant selection process and instructions may change from one Opportunity Drawing to another.  Please be alert. 

Approvals and Annual Re-certifications

Applicants must meet 1) the Landlord's/Property Manager criteria and 2) all the BMR eligibility requirements through HouseKeys (this is a two step application process) before moving into a BMR Rental Unit and every year thereafter. During the annual recertification, the tenant/household will have to resubmit a complete application, income, asset documentation and other information in a timely manner.  HouseKeys and the Landlord will determine if the household still qualifies for the program. If the household no longer qualifies for the program, a Notice to Vacate the unit will be issued by either the Landlord and/or the Administrator (HouseKeys).